House District 36 Republicans met on Saturday for the group’s local convention.

The approximately 20 delegates who attended chose this year’s district officers and elected state delegates.

According to an announcement from District 36 Republicans, Chairman Trevor Shaw was unanimously re-elected for a two-year term. Glen Thompson was elected vice-chair, Allison Brown as secretary, and Dick Coose as the district bonus vote.News Tile

Those attending the local convention also chose nine of the district’s16 state delegate positions. The group will meet again on March 28th to choose additional delegates.

The Alaska Republican State Convention is April 28th through 30th in Fairbanks.

House District 36 Democrats will choose their state delegates during the party’s upcoming caucus, set for Saturday. That’s also when Alaska Democrats will vote for presidential candidates.

The state Democratic Party’s convention is May 13 through 15 in Anchorage.