A dog that attacked a group of children and later bit an adult man in the Christopher Road area has been declared dangerous and will be euthanized by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Animal Protection Department.

According to a borough news release, the female pit bull attacked multiple children on March 9th, biting and scratching two of them. The owner was cited, and the dog was declared potentially dangerous at that time. The owner had until mid-May to appeal that declaration.

According to the borough, once an animal is declared potentially dangerous, it must be confined in the owner’s home or in a secure kennel, and when walked must be muzzled and on a short leash.

On Monday, however, Animal Protection received a new report that the dog had run onto a neighbor’s property and bit the neighbor. As a result, the dog was seized and taken to the Pat Wise Animal Shelter.

The owner was cited again, and the dog was declared dangerous. The owner surrendered the dog to animal control, according to the borough, and the dog will be euthanized following a 10-day rabies quarantine.