Rep. Dan Ortiz talks during a town-hall-style meeting Thursday at the White Cliff building.

Incumbent Rep. Dan Ortiz talks during a 2015 town-hall-style meeting at the White Cliff building. He faces Bob Sivertsen and Kenneth Shaw in the 2016 election. (KRBD file photo)

Incumbent Ketchikan Rep. Dan Ortiz faces two opponents in the 2016 legislative elections.

The match-up will come in the Nov. 8 general election, since none face challenges in the Aug. 16 primaries.

Ketchikan City Councilman Bob Sivertsen filed to run in December. Ward Cove’s Kenneth Shaw filed this week as a Constitution Party candidate.

The filing deadline was 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Sivertsen will appear uncontested in the GOP primary.

Ortiz, an independent who caucuses with Democrats, Shaw and Sivertsen will all be on November’s ballot.

Ketchikan’s state senator, Sitka Republican Bert Stedman, faces no election challengers this year. The same is true with Juneau Democratic Rep. Sam Kito III.

Two other Southeast incumbent representatives face opponents in the general election.

Sitka’s Sheila Finkenbinder, a Republican, is challenging Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, a Democrat from the same town.

Juneau’s Justin Parish, a Democrat, is challenging incumbent Cathy Muñoz, a capital city Republican.

Juneau Democratic Sen. Dennis Egan is in the midst of his four-year term and is not up for re-election this year.

Note: We’ll update this story as we reach the candidates.