CityofKetchikanThe first candidate to file for Ketchikan City Council turned in her paperwork Tuesday.

Judy Zenge, who is completing her first three-year term on the Council, has filed for re-election.

She said, like many elected officials, that her first term was spent mostly learning how everything works.

“By the end of your term, you’re thinking that, ‘You know, if I had a couple more years, I could make some stuff happen,’” she said.

For example, Zenge said she’d like to see the city help establish an accessible taxi cab for people with disabilities, and work through issues related to water rates and potentially metering water used by fish processors.

And then, there’s the ongoing issue of regulating and taxing marijuana sales.

“I’d like to see how that’s going to shake out, and if we’re going to have to put a better plan in place to handle that,” she said. “We don’t really know what that looks like, and I’d like to be part of that.”

Zenge manages The Plaza Mall, and is a partner in SEAK Professional Services, a court-reporting company.

There are two seats open on the Ketchikan City Council this election. The other seat is held by Julie Isom.

The local election is Oct. 4.