US-Flag1Saxman and Prince of Wales Island voters hit the polls Tuesday.  Here are unofficial results from those communities in the KRBD listening area.

Four candidates were vying for three three-year seats on the Saxman City Council. Sylvia Banie received 47 votes, followed closely by Caryl Williams with 46. Gabriella Daniels has 42 votes and Trudi Swink, 35.

Saxman voters also considered a ballot proposition to refinance the community center’s loan. Forty-five voted in favor of approving $68,000 in general obligation bonds to refinance the loan, while 25 voted against.

There are 10 unopened ballots.  The Saxman canvassing board meets on Thursday and the results will be certified on Friday.

In Klawock, four candidates ran for city mayor. Lawrence Armour seems to have handily won with 133 votes. Don Nickerson, Jr. was in second with 75, followed by Dewey Skan, Jr. with 13 and Robert W. George with 5.

Four candidates were vying for two seats on the Klawock City Council.  It appears Patricia Cottle, with 128 votes, and Helen Jackson, with 122, will take those seats. Richard Smith, Sr. received 60 and Carl Benston, 52.

Two seats were also open on the Klawock School Board. Mary Edenshaw received the most votes, 161, followed by Ruby Smith with 126. Leslie Isaacs received 86.

Twenty-two questioned ballots, 25 absentee ballots, and three special needs ballots remain to be counted. Results will be certified Monday night.

In the City of Craig, two candidates ran for two three-year terms on the city council.  Jan Trojan received 97 votes and Greg Dahl, 96. Two people ran for two three-year terms on the school board as well. They are Chrissy Torsey-Lucero with 97 votes and Scott Brookshire who received 92.

Only one person ran for a two-year term on the Craig School Board.  That’s Jennifer Creighton who received 105 votes.

Hydaburg voters considered two ballot propositions. Proposition 1 asked if candidates for elected office of the City of Hyaburg should be exempt from the requirements of the State of Alaska Public Official Financial Disclosure Law. Fifty-eight voted against the proposal with 31 in favor.

Proposition 2 asked if the spelling of the existing name of the City of Hydaburg be changed to the City of Haidaburg.  That measure failed 70 to 26.

Fourteen candidates ran for a three-year term on Hydaburg City Council Seat 5. Toni Bitonti received 51 votes. The next closest competitor was Bonnie Morris who received five.

For Hydaburg City Council Seat 6, Christopher Williams received 38 votes, Sam Mooney, 32, and Bonnie Morris, 28. With a requirement that winners receive at least 40 percent of the votes, there will be a runoff election for Council Seat 6.

There will also be a runoff election for School Board Seat 4. The top vote getters were Sandra Peele with 36 votes, Toni Bitonti with 27, and Jean Bland with 26. Four other candidates received one vote each.

For School Board Seat 5, Bonnie Morris is the apparent winner. She received 44 votes followed by Dorinda Sanderson with 39 and Tanya Bitonti with 13.

Hydaburg will certify election results on Monday.

In Thorne Bay, the city council previously approved a fire fee schedule. Fees would be charged if the cause of a fire was due to negligence. Passage of Proposition 1 would revoke the resolution, voting against would keep the fire fee schedule in place. Sixty-one voted no, while 58 voted yes.

Thorne Bay voters selected candidates to fill two city council seats.  Raymond Slayton is the apparent winner of Seat A with 77 votes. L. Bruce Tower received 49. For Seat B, Risa Carlson received 80 votes and Thom A. Cunningham, 43. There are five questioned or challenged ballots. The Thorne Bay canvassing board meets on Friday.

All election results are unofficial until certified.