Application periods are closed for people interested in filling vacant seats on the Ketchikan City Council and Ketchikan School Board.

Five people applied for the City Council seat, left open when KJ Harris resigned due to News Tilehealth concerns. The applicants are Mike Carney, Mark Flora, Spencer Strassburg, George Tipton and Carlos Weimer.

According to City Clerk Katy Suiter, the Council will interview most of the applicants during a special meeting on Nov. 7th. Tipton is unavailable for that meeting, so he’ll be interviewed during the Council’s regular Nov. 3rd meeting.

The Council will decide who to appoint during the Nov. 7th special meeting.

The vacancy on the Ketchikan School Board was created when Michelle O’Brien resigned her seat effective earlier this month. Four people have applied for that position: Daniel Dodson, Diane Gubatayao, Gerik Sherrill and Carl Webb.

Sherrill is currently the student body representative on the School Board.

The Board will interview candidates during its regular meeting this Wednesday, and will vote on an appointment immediately following the interviews.