The new U.S. Coast Guard Cutter John McCormick arrives in Ketchikan March 17 after 40 days at sea. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)

The new U.S. Coast Guard cutter John McCormick arrived in Ketchikan Friday morning after a 40-day journey from Florida. Family members of the 23-person crew and fellow Coast Guard members greeted the ship during an informal ceremony, which included surprise commendations for the engineering team for its response to what could have become a big problem during the trip.

The journey may have been just over a month, but the crew of the Cutter John McCormick has been away from Ketchikan since last October, when they started training on the brand-new boat.

Family members who hadn’t seen their spouses for months waited eagerly on the pier at Base Ketchikan, smiling brightly despite the frigid wind sweeping up the Tongass Narrows.

Diana Moyseowicz waits for her husband, Mike, to arrive on the Cutter John McCormick on March 17. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)

Diana Moyseowicz was among the