This screenshot from the Race to Alaska tracker shows the top three teams. Click the image to visit the tracker page for the most recent updates.

The top three teams in the Race to Alaska have crossed the half-way mark on their sprint from Port Townsend, Wash., to Ketchikan.

Team Pure and Wild/Freeburd continues to lead the race, but Teams Big Broderna and Bad Kitty are not far behind.

Those second and third-place teams are quite close to each other, according to the Race to Alaska online tracker, but as of mid-day Wednesday, Bad Kitty had a slight lead.

This year marks the third annual Race to Alaska, a 750-mile race for human-powered boats. The top three teams are in sailing vessels, but other racers are using rowboats, paddleboards and kayaks.

The first team to arrive in Ketchikan wins $10,000 cash. The second-place team wins a set of steak knives. Everyone who finishes wins bragging rights.

You can follow the race online at