A jar of marijuana buds is seen at the Stoney Moose, a Ketchikan retail cannabis shop. (KRBD file photo by Leila Kheiry)


The City of Ketchikan will receive about $23,000 in revenue from its 5-percent marijuana excise tax for the second quarter.

Finance Director Bob Newell provided an update to the City Council last night to an earlier memo, where he had reported that the city was about to receive a payment of about $10,300 from the borough for the second quarter.

He clarified in his update that the earlier memo was correct – the city did receive that amount as payment. However, Newell writes, another payment for the second quarter is still in process. That additional payment will bring the total city’s pot-tax revenue for the second quarter of the year to $23,213.

There are two marijuana retail stores in Ketchikan that are subject to the city’s 5-percent excise tax. That is in addition to the regular 4-percent sales tax charged by the city, and 2.5-percent charged by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough.

The borough does not have a separate marijuana excise tax.