Point Higgins Elementary School. (KRBD file photo)

Results from the state’s new student standardized test program show that fewer than half of Alaska’s public school students in third- through 10th-grade are proficient in English and math.

Local results show similar proficiently levels.

According to the state Department of Education and Early Development, through the Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools, also called PEAKS, students are scored as “advanced,” “proficient,” “below proficient,” or “far below proficient.”

Statewide results varied, but according to DEED, 32 to 45 percent of Alaska’s students were proficient in English; and 15 to 45 percent were proficient in math.

According to the results posted online for the Ketchikan School District, about 44 percent of local students were proficient or better in English skills; and about 35 percent were proficient or better in math.

The state website breaks results down by school, as well. We have those results posted below.

School districts have until September 29th to send individual student reports to parents and teachers.

PEAKS first was administered this spring, so there are no comparable scores from previous years. Although this was the first year, state Education Commissioner Michael Johnson says Alaska’s schools must be dissatisfied with the results. He says leaders in districts throughout the state should view the PEAKS scores as a baseline for improvement.


Individual Ketchikan schools’ PEAKS scores, according to DEED:

  • Fast Track – English, 47 percent scored proficient or better; math, 23 percent
  • Fawn Mountain – English, 42 percent; math, 33 percent
  • Houghtaling – English, 46 percent; math, 45 percent
  • Ketchikan Charter School – English, 47 percent; math, 46 percent
  • Tongass School of Arts and Sciences – English, 40 percent; math 53 percent
  • Point Higgins Elementary – English, 48 percent; math, 48 percent
  • Schoenbar Middle School – English, 43 percent; math 30 percent
  • Kayhi – English, 41 percent; math 20 percent
  • Revilla Alternative School – English, 34 percent; math, 11 percent.

Grade-level results from each school also are available. You can see those through this link: https://education.alaska.gov/TLS/Assessments/Results/results2017.html