Anchorage businessman Scott Hawkins kicked off his campaign for governor this week in Ketchikan. (KRBD photo by Leila Kheiry)

Anchorage businessman Scott Hawkins was in Ketchikan this week to kick off his campaign for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Hawkins came by KRBD’s studio to talk about issues facing the state. He says the Alaska Marine Highway System is vital to Southeast, but can be made more efficient; the state needs a strong governor who will cut the budget when the Legislature won’t; Perm Fund earnings could be used to help cover the budget gap without increasing taxes; and state oil revenue should increase in a few years through new oil production.

Hawkins also admits that parts of a negative ad campaign that he helped fund in last year’s local House District 36 race missed the mark.

Below is a 6-minute version of Hawkins’ interview, starting with why he decided to run.

You also can listen to the entire approximately 30-minute interview, posted below: