The Ketchikan School Board approved a new, short board policy Wednesday regarding student nutrition and physical activity after reviewing 10-pages of administrative regulations that accompany it.

But, board member Matt Eisenhower, participating by phone, said the board policy might be a little too short. He suggested adding more to the policy, which has been returning to the board for many meetings with different amendments.

“I do feel like it needs to be a priority of our board,” he said. “We need to show leadership. We need to show a little more specific direction… I think in this day and age of the health crisis that we’re experiencing, we need some clear direction to our administration, than a very short policy as suggested in this amendment.”

Other board members disagreed with extending the process. Here’s board member Glenn Brown: “I think we’ve absolutely murdered this issue. This has been the summer of Policy 5040.”

The policy first faced revisions because some board members thought it caved too much to federal regulatory demands. Then, Brown said, it turned into an attempt at simplifying the wording. He said he didn’t like the process, but the administrative regulations cover the important points.

The board policy passed 4-1 with Eisenhower voting no. Members Diane Gubatayao and Alma Parker were absent.

Also Wednesday, the board briefly discussed the district’s policy on school attendance boundaries. That policy acknowledges the value of allowing school choice. But, it also gives the superintendent the power to cap enrollment, if needed. The board took no action on the policy.

The board’s next regular meeting is Oct. 11.