The Ketchikan School Board talked Wednesday about Career and Technical Education classes available at Ketchikan High School.

The district recently added a one-credit CTE requirement. Kayhi Principal Bob Marshall says the school offers a range of vocational classes, from welding, fishing and auto shop, to medical terminology and coding.

Marshall says the coding class has been popular.

“He has a full class. I think close to 30,” he said. “The program that he’s using for that is accessible for students outside of class, so if they really get into a project for coding, they can actually go home, log in and continue to do that at home. So far, so good.”

Kayhi administrators also are working with the local University of Alaska campus to align career and vocational courses, and build a partnership.

Marshall says the vocational classes are designed with certification in mind. The goal is for students to build skills as they go through the classes, and graduate with the ability to quickly become certified for employment.