Geoducks are shellfish that are indigenous to Southeast Alaska. (NOAA image)

Ketchikan-based OceansAlaska has been awarded project funds through the University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Sea Grant program.

According to an announcement this week from Alaska Sea Grant, the local shellfish hatchery will receive about $150,000 to develop geoduck seeds for Alaska shellfish farmers. OceansAlaska has worked with geoduck seeds in the past, but more recently has focused on oyster seed.

Two other Alaska shellfish projects will receive funding through Alaska Sea Grant, according to the announcement. The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation was awarded $140,000 to help identify good mariculture sites in the state. Pacific Shellfish Institute will receive about $95,000 to study the relationship between heavy rain, water quality, and how that affects shellfish development.

The approximately $400,000 for Alaska projects is part of about $9.3 million awarded nationally by Sea Grant, which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.