The New Path Dancers perform before the November 2016 Ketchikan School Board meeting in the Saxman Community Hall. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)

In honor of Native American/Alaska Native Heritage Month, the Ketchikan School Board will hold its November meeting at the Saxman Community Center on Wednesday.

Gov. Bill Walker proclaimed this month as Alaska Native Heritage Month on. It coincides with the federal Native American Heritage Month.

In the board packet for Wednesday, district Business Manager Adam Thompson announced results of the October student count. He writes that the Average Daily Membership totals 2,287.8 students. That includes 91 special education students who fit the “intensive needs” category.

The school district’s funding from the State of Alaska is calculated based on its Average Daily Membership. Intensive-needs students qualify for additional state funding because of the special services they need.

Thompson writes that the overall ADM is slightly more than projected, and the number of intensive needs students is quite a bit more. As a result, the district should receive about $1.2 million additional revenue than included in the current budget.

The board will vote Wednesday on a motion to increase the FY18 school district budget to account for increased revenue.

Also Wednesday, the board will vote on a resolution asking the governor and Legislature to address the disparity of the required local contribution for public education. The resolution was submitted by board president Trevor Shaw and board member Kim Hodne.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Saxman Community Center. Public comment will be heard at the start and end of the meeting.