Ketchikan High School hosted the first regional Academic Decathlon meet of the year this past weekend. According to coach Peter Stanton, the meet ended with many Kayhi team members earning top honors.

In the top 10 for overall scores, Lydia Sumrall placed third; Mackenzie Fousel placed fifth; Charisma Manalo placed seventh; and Campbell Sande placed ninth.

In the top three for individual categories: Mackenzie Fousel placed first in literature and music, second in social science, and third in economics; Lydia Sumrall placed first in science and third in literature; Max Varela placed first in economics; Emme Andersen placed second in essay; Daniel Neufeldt placed second in math and third in science; Charisma Manalo placed second in interview; and Campbell Sande placed third in literature.

Below is a complete list of Kayhi students who placed during the weekend meet.

  • Angela Rodriguez placed 10th in Art.
  • Ruvelen Correa took 9th place in Music.
  • August Cooper took 7th place in Interview.
  • Adrian Ronquillo placed 6th in Social Science
  • Megan Cornwall placed 3rd in Interview.
  • Robert Cope-Powell placed 9th in Science and 4th in Literature.
  • John Luke Calderon placed 9th in Speech, 8th in Art, and 8th in Math.
  • Max Varela placed 9th in Science, 7th in Social Science, 7th in Art, 6th in Music, 5th in Literature, 3rd in Math, and took 1st place in Economics.
  • Franklyn Correa placed 9th in Social Science, 8th in Art, 8th in Science, and had the 19th highest score overall.
  • Emme Andersen placed 10th in Art, 10th in Literature, 10th in Science, 7th in Math, 6th in Music, 5th in Economics, 2nd in Essay, and placed 14th overall.
  • Daniel Neufeldt placed 8th in Social Science, 7th in Economics, 7th in Literature, 3rd in Science, 2nd in Math, and placed 13th overall.
  • Evelyn Andersen placed 10th in Music, 9th in Math, 8th in Economics, 7th in Science, 5th in Essay, 4th in Literature, and placed 12th overall.
  • Campbell Sande placed 10th in Social Science, 8th in Economics, 5th in Art, 5th in Speech, 4th in Essay, 4th in Music, 3rd in Literature, and took 9th place overall.
  • Charisma Manalo placed 8th in Science, 7th in Social Science, 6th in Math, 6th in Literature, 5th in Art, 2nd in Interview, and took 7th place overall.
  • Mackenzie Fousel placed 9th in Math, 9th in Interview, 6th in Art, 4th in Science, 3rd in Economics, 2nd in Social Science, took 1st place in both Literature and Music, and placed 5th overall.
  • Lydia Sumrall placed 8th in Social Science, 7th in Essay, 6th in Interview, 5th in Speech, 5th in Music, 4th in Art, 4th in Economics, 3rd in Literature, took 1st place in Science, and placed 3rd overall.