Seth Krasnow retired on Dec. 1st from the Ketchikan Fire Department. (KFD photo)

A longtime Ketchikan Fire Department employee has retired, leading to a couple of promotions.

Terry Roberts has been promoted to be the new Ketchikan Fire Department senior medic. (KFD photo)

According to Fire Chief Abner Hoage, senior medic Seth Krasnow retired effective Dec. 1st. Krasnow started work with the local fire department in December of 1998. His first position was as an Emergency Medical Service specialist. Krasnow was promoted to senior medic in 2006.

Hoage also announced promotions within the department.

Tyler Headley. (KFD photo)

Terry Roberts is the new senior medic. Roberts also started working with the Ketchikan Fire Department in 1998, but as a volunteer. He later became a firefighter/EMT.

Tyler Headley has been a volunteer firefighter with the department. He was promoted to become a staff firefighter/EMT. Hoage writes that Headley was a volunteer for six years, and during that time worked as a temporary firefighter when the department was short-staffed.