The proposed permanent exhibit design at Ketchikan’s Tongass Historical Museum. (City of Ketchikan image)

The Ketchikan City Council will take a look Thursday at the proposed permanent exhibit for the city-owned Tongass Historical Museum.

Museum staff have been working on plans for that exhibit since spring. The Centennial Building downtown formerly housed the museum and library. The library moved into its own new building about five years ago. The Centennial Building needed repairs and renovations before the museum could expand into the library’s former space.

That renovation was completed in April, and a year-long temporary exhibit was presented at that time. Museum staff have since worked with community members to come up with ideas for the larger permanent exhibit.

According to information provided by the museum, the proposed permanent exhibit will feature themes. As visitors enter, the first theme is “Water in abundance makes us fearless.” Other themes are “Can’t escape the land,” “Sea returns to land,” “Noble/Vice,” “Island Mind,” “We Gather,” and “Where Trees Come to Dance.”

The museum’s permanent exhibit is due to open at the end of April, right before the first cruise ship of 2018.

Ketchikan Public Library. (KRBD file photo)

Also Thursday, the council will discuss the Ketchikan Public Library’s proposed strategic plan. The library has been working on the plan since summer, gathering input through surveys and public meetings. It used that input to draft goals for the next five years.

If approved by the council, the library will start implementing the plan in January. Below is a PDF of the draft plan.

Library strategic plan

Thursday’s council meeting starts at 7 p.m. in city council chambers. Public comment will be heard at the start of the meeting.