Misty Fjords National Monument is known for its dramatic granite cliffs. Pictured is a view from Rudyerd Bay. (File photo by Leila Kheiry)

The national monument formerly known as Misty Fiords will officially change its name, but only the spelling.

Since the monument was established in 1978 by presidential proclamation, The U.S. Forest Service has spelled Fiords with an “I.”

According to an announcement Wednesday from Tongass National Forest Spokesman Paul Robbins Jr., officials have decided to change that.

He writes that the Forest Service is developing new maps for the monument, and during that process they realized that the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, which spells Fjords with a “j,” takes precedence over how the name is spelled in the proclamation.

Robbins writes that the Forest Service is adjusting the spelling online, and will use the correct spelling in documents from this point on.