The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has scheduled a public conference for Tuesday about Prince of Wales Island’s limited internet  and cellular service.

According to the conference notice, sent out on Wednesday, the RCA wants to gather information about the issues POW residents face with the lack of internet and broadband data service.

In a December letter to the RCA, Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins wrote that Coffman Cove, Port Protection, Point Baker and Whale Pass have no cell service; Naukati Bay, Thorne Bay and Hollis have partial coverage; and other island communities have weak or slow service.

The island’s small population and the high cost of installing infrastructure mean government funding will be needed to improve service for POW, Kreiss-Tomkins writes.

The RCA conference is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday in Juneau’s Centennial Hall Convention Center. Anyone who can’t be there in person can participate telephonically.

To call in to the event, contact Debbie Chung by 5 p.m. Monday at 907-263-2129, or email