“One Poem A Day Won’t Kill You” Schedule

Poems air on Morning Edition at approximately 6:30 and 7:30, and at the end of the KRBD Evening Report (approximately 5:45 pm).  Poems also air during locally-hosted music programs.  Audio of the poems will be posted below after airing.

April 1st – Lily Jensen reads three haiku by Jaigi, Issa and Buson  Poem1_LilyJensen

April 2nd – Faith Duncan recites “Nest Filled” by Kim Stafford Poem2_FaithDuncan

April 3rd – Anne Lucas reads “I have Climbed Mountains” by Doris Kearns Quinn Poem3_AnneLucas

April 4th – Cameo McRoberts recites “Ode to Lemon” by Pablo Neruda Poem4_CameoMcRoberts

April 5th – Janalee Minnick Gage reads “Great Hollow Cedar” by George Pasley Poem5_JanaleeGage

April 6th – Tim Boyle reads “The Rainy Season” by Gary Snyder Poem6_TimBoyle

April 7th – Lydia Sumrall reads a poem she wrote, “Paper Grave” Poem7_LydiaSumrall

April 8th – Steve Corporon read “Oh Captain, My Captain” by Walt Whitman Poem8_SteveCorporon

April 9th – Michelle Kupers reads her poem, “Great Spirit”Poem9_MichelleKupers

April 10th – Payton McCoy reads “Birds,” a poem written by her sister Kyleigh Poem10_PaytonMcCoy

April 11th – Hunter Davis reads “Forgetfulness” by Billy Collins Poem11_Hunter Davis

April 12th – Arick Mattson reads an original pantoum Poem12_ArickMattson

April 13th – Marty West reads “Pity the Nation” by Lawrence Ferlenghetti Poem13_MartyWest

April 14th – Stephanie Patton reads her poem, “Born in Earth” Poem14_StephaniePatton

April 15th – Maggie Freitag reads “Mind Wanting More” by Holly Hughes Poem15_MaggieFreitag

April 16th – Aliyah Glover recites “Eletelephony” by Laura Elizabeth Richards Poem16_AliyahGlover

April 17th – Kyleigh McCoy reads her original poem, “Winter” Poem17_KyleighMcCoy

April 18th – Piper Cooper reads a sound poem she wrote entitled “Split” Poem18_PiperCooper

April 19th – Valerie Brooks reads “I Won’t Come” by Kabir Poem19_ValerieBrooks

April 20th – Lois Munch recites “A Mortifying Mistake” by Anna Maria Pratt Poem20_LoisMunch

April 21st – Lori Ortiz reads a poem she wrote, “Song of an Old Friend” Poem21_LoriOrtiz

April 22nd – Charla Hendren recites her sound poem, “Weather” Poem22_CharlaHendren

April 23rd – Doug Rhodes reads a poem he wrote called “The Alaska Salmon” Poem23_DougRhodes

April 24th – Merek Corporon reads “The Sea” by Pablo Neruda Poem24_MerekCorporon

April 25th – Pete Rice of Craig passed away earlier this year.  In his memory this recording was submitted.  Rice reads “The Lure of Little Voices” by Robert Service Poem25_PeterRice

April 26th –Gregg Poppen shares his untitled poem (with help from Dave Rubin) Poem26_GreggPoppen

April 27th – Sheila Miller reads a poem she wrote, “My Friend” in memory of Don Kenoyer Poem27_SheilaMiller

April 28th – Karen Petersen reads “The Quitter” by Robert Service Poem28_KarenPetersen

April 29th – Phoebe Newman reads a poem she wrote. Poem29_PhoebeNewman

April 30th – The final poem is a compilation piece containing segments from all poems that aired this month. Poem30_Compilation