Spring and early summer is a time of year when the Alaska Department of Fish and Game gets calls about “orphaned” baby animals.

Fish and Game wildlife biologists in Ketchikan sent a notice this week asking the public to leave baby wild animals alone, even if they appear to be abandoned.

The notice states that mother deer, especially, often leave fawns for hours at a time while foraging. A fawn that appears to be alone is not necessarily abandoned or lost. If a fawn is touched or picked up, it likely will not be able to go back to its mother, according to the announcement.

It’s difficult to place fawns in zoos because they are abundant, the announcement states. So, most fawns picked up or moved end up euthanized.

If someone has found a young animal they believe has been abandoned or hurt, Fish and Game officials encourage them to leave the animal alone and contact the local office.

In Ketchikan, the number is 225-5118; in Craig, the number is 826-2291. For marine mammals, call 1-877-925-7773.