Another Fool’s Running at Midnight comes to a close with the following winners:

Overall winner of the race-Edson Chipalo

Winning Walker-Jeffrey Jackson


1st place:  Edson Chipalo

2ndplace: Sean Vail

3rd place: Ryan McCue


1st place: Katie Powers

2nd place: Rita Kahle

3rd place: Maria White

Youth Male

1st place: Phillip Smith

2nd place: Jonathan Barrow

3rd place: Carter Sessions

Youth Female

1st place: Morgan Elerding

2nd place: Trisha Capps

3rd place: Ruby McCue

Our costume winners:

“Space Cowboy” Titus Pendergrass


“Crusin at Midnight” Nicole Limle, Brighid Paglia, Dalton Martin, Charlie Blair, Lisa Chelednik, Marlene Sadowski   and Sarah Martin