The Ketchikan School Board’s special meeting Wednesday was canceled because of another notification error.

Last week’s regular meeting was canceled after the legal notification in the Ketchikan Daily News had the wrong date. Business items from that meeting were postponed and put on the agenda for Wednesday’s special meeting.

But, Superintendent Robert Boyle says, one of the district’s eight school buildings did not put the special meeting notice on its bulletin board. A concerned citizen noticed its absence, he says, and let his office know.

Boyle says the school board decided to be cautious and postpone taking action on agenda items until a newly rescheduled special meeting. This third attempt is set for 6 p.m. Friday in borough assembly chambers at the White Cliff Building.

Boyle says board Vice President Kim Hodne will gavel the board in Wednesday, explain the delay, perhaps take public comment, and then adjourn the meeting.

Friday’s meeting agenda will be somewhat shortened, Boyle says. They’ll skip his regular report to the board, and will delay an executive session to discuss Boyle’s mid-year evaluation.