A 51-year-old Ketchikan man faces multiple felonies after allegedly entering a woman’s home early Friday morning, taking a shotgun from her bedroom and trying to break into the room where the woman and her daughter were hiding.

According to the complaint filed in court by Corporal Michael Paulsen of the Ketchikan Police Department, the victim told police she heard someone enter her home at about 3 a.m. Friday. She went downstairs and saw a stranger standing in her dining area.

The woman told police that she told him to leave and he refused; she tried to pull him toward the door, and he still refused; then he sat down. The woman told police she went upstairs to call 911, and heard the man say something about guns. The woman armed herself with a handgun and locked herself and her daughter in her daughter’s bedroom before calling for help.

Both victims told police that they heard the man walk upstairs and into the master bedroom where firearms are stored. They heard the man run the action on a shotgun, and then try to enter the daughter’s bedroom. They told police he banged on the door and tried to turn the knob.

According to the complaint, when police arrived they found Bradley Dain Ellis hiding in the master-bedroom closet, with a loaded pump-action shotgun and loaded rifle on the bed. Police say Ellis was very intoxicated.

Ellis was arrested and charged with first-degree burglary, third-degree assault, third-degree weapons misconduct and third-degree criminal mischief.

He had his first court appearance Friday morning in Ketchikan District Court. Judge Kevin Miller set bail at $25,000. According to the hearing log notes, the victim was present and expressed concern about Ellis returning to her home if he got out. Miller told her she would be notified if the defendant is able to post bail.

Ellis’ next scheduled hearing is Sept. 19th in Ketchikan District Court.