A citizen’s initiative to repeal property taxes in the City of Craig failed by a wide margin on Tuesday.

The measure would’ve slashed about a fifth of the city’s revenue.

Craig is a city of about 1,200 people on Prince of Wales Island. On Tuesday, a ballot measure to repeal property taxes effective in the year 2025 was soundly defeated.

The vote was about 50 in favor to 200 against. A pair of residents had gathered 75 signatures to bring the issue to a vote.

“You know, there were fewer people that voted for it than signed the petitions,” said Craig’s mayor, Tim O’Connor.

He said Craig’s city services include a police department, fire and ambulance service, snow plowing and city parks.

“And all of this comes from the taxpayers of Craig and I think everybody realized what we have and they weren’t about ready to jeopardize it,” he said. “Plus, it funds the schools and the students’ sports activities and a lot of other things, you know, that property tax goes a long way to cover those things.”

There’s nearly 60 pending absentee ballots making the Craig city council and school board races too close to call on Tuesday.