State and federal agencies have set this year’s hunting and trapping quota for wolves on Prince of Wales and surrounding islands at 45 animals.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and U.S. Forest Service work together to manage wolves in that area, called Game Management Unit 2. According to a notice from the Forest Service, the harvest quota is 20 percent of the most recent population estimate.

State biologists worked with the Hydaburg Cooperative Association to collect wolf population data. That collaboration allowed more of Prince of Wales to be included in the population study area.

Data collected from October through December of 2017 led to an estimate of 225 wolves. That is similar to those of the autumn 2016 survey, suggesting the population has stabilized, according to the notice.

The wolf hunting season for subsistence users started Sept. 1. Subsistence trapping starts Nov. 15.

State wolf hunting and trapping both open on Dec. 1.

State and Federal seasons will close when managers believe harvest is approaching 45 wolves.