With the statewide election fast approaching, candidates have filed their newest round of campaign finance disclosure forms with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

We took a look at the numbers for candidates running for House District 36. Here is a summary of contributions and expenses as of Oct. 27th.

According to the latest reports, incumbent House District 36 Rep. Dan Ortiz has out-raised and out-spent his opponent, Trevor Shaw, by a wide margin.

Ortiz, who is unaffiliated, reports a campaign income total of just over $51,000. He’s spent about $33,500. In contrast, Shaw, a Republican, raised just shy of $9,000, and spent about $4,300.

Ortiz reports many small donations from individuals throughout the district, statewide and Down South. Larger contributions come from trade organizations and unions. A check for $1,000, for example, came from the Alaska SEA Pilot PAC Fund, and another $1,000 came from the Public Employees Local 71 PAC in Anchorage.

Shaw’s campaign appears to be largely self-funded. The largest single contribution is a personal loan from Shaw of $5,000. He also received some small contributions from individuals in the district and statewide. A $250 check came from an insurance and financial advisors trade group in Anchorage.

Shaw’s expenses include campaign materials such as yard signs and door-hangers, along with newspaper and Facebook advertisements. He also spent money for a campaign trip to Wrangell.

Ortiz’s expenses include campaign trips to Wrangell, Metlakatla and Prince of Wales Island; and fundraising trips to Anchorage and Juneau. He also spent money on campaign materials, newspaper, radio and Facebook ads.

This year’s House District 36 race is less expensive than in 2016.

Ortiz was the incumbent then, too, and had raised about $70,000. His Republican challenger at the time, Bob Sivertsen, had raised about $36,000. But, a political action committee that formed to support Sivertsen raised about $40,000 for that effort.

A Constitution Party candidate, Kenneth Shaw, had a total campaign income in 2016 of $328.

House District 36 includes Ketchikan, Metlakatla, Hydaburg and Wrangell.

The statewide election is Nov. 6th. Early voting is open now.

You can look up campaign finance disclosure documents through this link