An independent investigation into the Ketchikan School District’s actions related to reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment is done. The Ketchikan School Board met in executive session this week to hear the full report, but details will not be made public.

Some information from the report will be revealed, said Board President Matt Eisenhower. But, the board wants to be careful to not interfere with criminal proceedings against former high school teacher Doug Edwards.

Edwards retired in spring, and was arrested just days after the last day of school and charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse of a minor. Prosecutors allege he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl at the high school, in his home and in the church where he was a pastor.

The board decided to move forward with an investigation this summer following a personnel complaint against Superintendent Robert Boyle. Details from the complaint were not revealed, other than it was related to the Edwards case.

Eisenhower said this week’s executive session allowed board members to hear the full report and ask any questions.

“Following Tuesday’s meeting, the school board will have about a week to review the full report in writing,” he said. “Then we have time on our agenda for the next school board meeting coming up on the 12th to take up the issue and have some time to discuss further action if warranted.”

That discussion also will be in executive session, although any action the board takes must by law happen in public.

Eisenhower said while he can’t talk about the content of the report, he can say that the board was pleased with its detail.

“There were over 35 people interviewed. Those were students, past students, staff, past staff, as well as community members,” he said. “So, she did a thorough job over the course of six different days. Some of the interviews had to be done telephonically, but most of them were done in person.”

Eisenhower said the district plans to provide an executive summary of the report for the public by the end of December. More information could be released when the criminal case has been resolved.

Here is a link to the original story about the charges against Edwards: