A crowd braves wind-driven rain to welcome home last year’s Ketchikan High School Academic Decathlon team. The team was returning after winning first place at the national competition. (KRBD file photo by Leila Kheiry)

This past weekend, Ketchikan, Craig and Juneau-Douglas high school Academic Decathlon teams gathered in Craig for their first tournament of the school year.

According to Ketchikan High School coach Peter Stanton, the Kayhi team split into two groups for the Super Quiz event, and took second and third place. Craig High School coach Jessica Hughes says the home teams took fifth and sixth in Super Quiz.

Hughes added that the meet went well and all participants earned great scores.

Both coaches provided a list of students and their scores, listed below.

Ketchikan High School Academic Decathlon students:

  • August Cooper placed 2nd in speech.
  • Sarah Short placed 8th in music and 6th in speech.
  • Joshua Ryan placed 10th in art and 3rd in essay.
  • Alphege Dulay placed 9th in economics, 8th in social science, and 7th in art.
  • Robert Cope-Powell placed 10th in art, 8th in interview, and 5th in literature.
  • John Luke Calderon placed 10th in social science, 7th in essay, 6th in literature, and 5th in speech.
  • Matthew Nutt placed 8th in literature, 6th in music, 4th in science, and 4th in economics.
  • Daniel Neufeldt placed 10th in art, 8th in music, 4th in interview, and 2nd in science.
  • Campbell Sande placed 9th in literature, 5th in social science, 5th in art, 3rd in economics, and 2nd in music.
  • Franklyn Correa placed 10th in science, 10th in music, 9th in social science, 9th in art, 7th in interview, 5th in economics, and 5th in literature.
  • Evelyn Nutt placed 10th in art, 9th in math, 7th in speech, 7th in science, 7th in economics, 5th in essay, 3rd in literature, and took 10th place overall.
  • Mackenzie Fousel placed 8th in science, 6th in literature, 4th in art, 3rd in music, 3rd in social science, 2nd in economics, and placed 9th overall.
  • Andrea Short placed 10th in economics, 9th in literature, 7th in math, 4th in speech, 2nd in music, 1st in interview, and placed 8th overall.
  • Acacia Sexton placed 9th in music, 8th in literature, 6th in economics, 4th in social science, 2nd in essay, 1st in speech, and placed 7th overall.

Craig High School Academic Decathlon students:

  • In essay: Arianna Brooks 1st, Kaylie Yorgensen 6th, Aaron Taylor 8th, Wyeth Sheets 10th.
  • In social science: Hannah Altland 2nd, Wayne Brookshire 7th.
  • In science: Wayne Brookshire 2nd, Nathan Brookshire 3rd , Kaylie Yorgensen 7th, Terren Piburn 7th, Hannah Altland 8th, Kinsley Killips 10th, Wyeth Sheets 10th.
  • In art: Hannah Altland 2nd, Wyeth Sheets 6th, Kinsley Killips 7th, Damien Pinnow 9th, Kennedy Stumpf 9th, Arianna Brooks 9th.
  • In economics: Wyeth Sheets 5th, Wayne Brookshire 6th, Kaylie Yorgensen 6th, Hannah Altland 7th, Arianna Brooks 8th, Nathan Brookshire 9th, Tristin Trozelle 10th.
  • In literature: Hannah Altland 2nd, Nathan Brookshire 4th, Wyeth Sheets 5th, Kinsley Killips 5th, Nathan Brookshire 7th, Damien Pinnow 7th, Jalyn Spear 10th.
  • In speech: Wyeth Sheets 7th, Dayna Johnson 9th.
  • In interview: Nathan Brookshire 3, Wayne Brookshire 5, Dayna Johnson 6, Kennedy Stumpf 10th
  • In music: Kinsley Killips 4th, Hannah Altland 5th, Wyeth Sheets 7th, Wayne Brookshire 9th, Kennedy Stumpf 10th.