Two Ketchikan residents have been charged in separate cases for allegedly assaulting law enforcement officers.

In a complaint filed in court on Saturday, Ketchikan Police Officer John Brown writes that Officer Kraig Bailey transported Ketchikan Correctional Center inmate Jason Allen Simpson to the hospital for an exam, at Simpson’s request.

When the exam was over and Bailey was placing restraints back on Simpson, the prisoner allegedly head-butted the officer, breaking Bailey’s nose. Bailey told Brown that Simpson then tried to get to the door, but Bailey grabbed him and tackled him to the ground.

Bailey told Brown that Simpson continued to resist, and Bailey punched Simpson multiple times during the struggle.

Simpson, 35, already faces felony drug charges. He now has additional charges of second-degree assault and attempted escape.

In another complaint filed in court on Friday, Alaska State Trooper Sgt. Grant Miller writes that troopers had been told that 19-year-old Kailee Tavares was at a Tongass Towers apartment. She was wanted on an arrest warrant.

Miller writes that troopers found Tavares hiding in a closet in the apartment. She resisted arrest, according to the complaint, by kicking and swinging her arms wildly. Miller writes that Tavares continued to kick as troopers placed her in the patrol vehicle, and she kicked one of the troopers in the forehead, causing redness, abrasions and swelling.

Tavares was charged with resisting arrest and fourth-degree assault.