A new exhibit, The Crybabies, by Ketchikan artist Donald Varnell opens at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau this Friday.

Image courtesy of the Alaska State Museum.

Varnell is a Haida carver who works in a variety of media. A press release from the museum states that Varnell is known for his cutting edge totem poles, panels and paintings, and is recognized as one of the most successful contemporary Alaska Native artists whose current work challenges perceptions of tradition and meaning in Native American art.

Adjacent to Varnell’s exhibit is a collection of artwork and objects that inspire the artist.  He collaborated with museum curator Steve Henrikson to include works by Jim Schoppert, Alvin Amason, Lena Amason-Berns, Nathan Jackson, Jackson Polys, Delores Churchill, Selena Peratrovich and others.

Varnell is one of eight artists selected for the Alaska State Museum 2017-2019 Solo Artist Exhibition Series.  The Crybabies will be on display through April 6, 2019.