A 27-year-old Ketchikan man faces a misdemeanor drug charge following a traffic stop on Thursday.

According to the complaint filed in court by Alaska State Trooper Joey Beaudoin, he stopped  Aaron McColley near the intersection of Jefferson and Third Avenue for failure to stop at a stop sign.

Beaudoin writes that McColley seemed overly nervous, had slurred speech and shaking hands, and appeared to try moving his backpack. Beaudoin writes that McColley explained he had just woken up. McColley also said he wasn’t under the influence, and had just gotten off work.

The vehicle was a Taquan Air work vehicle, according to the complaint. McColley didn’t have permission to use it at that time, but is an employee of the company. Taquan officials declined to pursue charges.

The troopers’ drug investigator and drug dog Misty were brought to the scene to check the backpack. Misty indicated the presence of illegal drugs, according to the complaint. McColley then agreed to allow troopers to search the backpack. According to the complaint, a small amount of black-tar heroin and paraphernalia were found.

McColley was arrested and charged with fourth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance. He also was charged with violating conditions of release for a previous offense.