The state academic decathlon tournament was February 20-23rd in Anchorage.  Teams from Ketchikan and Craig participated.

According to Ketchikan High School coach Peter Stanton, after winning state and national championships last year, Kayhi placed 4th overall  this year, and 2nd in the team SuperQuiz.  Kayhi decathletes also won ten individual medals. Five were won by Mackenzie Fousel, who also earned a $1,000 scholarship for the third-highest individual total score of any varsity student.

According to Craig coach Jessica Hughes, Craig sent two teams to the tournament this year. Team 1 placed 1st in Division III, and 6th overall; and placed 1st in SuperQuiz Division III. Team 1 also received the Pat Fleetwood Award for improving their score from the previous year by 27 percent.

Craig Team 2 placed 2nd in Division III, 10th overall, and 3rd in SuperQuiz Division III.

Craig decathletes also won two individual medals.

Stanton and Hughes provided a list of students and their scores. We have those details posted on our website at


Ketchikan High School Academic Decathlon students:

  • Evelyn Nutt won bronze in Essay.
  • John Luke Calderon won bronze in Interview.
  • Phillip Smith won gold in Interview.
  • Daniel Neufeldt won gold in Science and gold in Interview.
  • Mackenzie Fousel won bronze in Economics, bronze in Science, silver in Art, silver in Social Science, and gold in Music. She also earned a $1,000 scholarship for the third-highest individual total score of any varsity student.

Craig High School Academic Decathlon students:


  • Hannah Altland 
  • Nathan Brookshire 
  • Wayne Brookshire 
  • Kaylie Yorgensen 
  • Wyeth Sheets 
  • Jalyn Spear 
  • Damien Pinnow
  • Brandy Marinese 
  • Tristin Trozelle
  • Justina Swetzof 

Team 2:

  • Arianna Brooks 
  • Kinsley Killips 
  • Dayna Johnson 
  • Luke Wegand 
  • Terren Piburn 
  • Aaron Taylor 
  • Anna Johnson 
  • Sydney Bass 

Hannah Altland received a gold in essay Honors Division 

Kaylie Yorgensen won a silver in essay Scholastic Division