Petersburg and Wrangell have switched back to 100-percent hydroelectric power, but Ketchikan continues to burn diesel for the time being.

Citing warm weather and the subsequent snowmelt into Tyee Lake, KFSK in Petersburg reports that Southeast Alaska Power Agency has started providing hydro to the two northern Southeast communities.

SEAPA’s Swan Lake provides power primarily to Ketchikan.

Ketchikan Public Utilities Electric Division Manager Andy Donato says the SEAPA board meets on Thursday and will talk about Swan Lake hydro.

Donato says there has been some inflow into Swan Lake, but he’d like to see a little more before easing off diesel generation.

Donato says Ketchikan currently is running on about 50-percent diesel. KPU-owned hydroelectric facilities at Ketchikan Lakes, Whitman Lake and Silvas/Beaver Falls are providing the other 50 percent.

Whether or not Swan starts providing hydro again to Ketchikan, the diesel generators likely will continue to run at least part of the time. Donato says the forecast calls for continued warmer and drier weather.