“One Poem A Day Won’t Kill You” Schedule

Poems air on Morning Edition at approximately 7:30 am and at the end of the KRBD Evening Report (approximately 5:30 pm).  Poems also air during hosted music programs.

April 1 – Doug Rhodes reads an original poem titled “Too Hard to Throw Away”, about the difficulty of discarding those things we are sure we’ll need again someday.

Poem1 – Doug Rhodes

April 2 – Valerie Brooks shares Langston Hughes’ poem, “I Dream a World”, about the peace we can dream for the world.

Poem2 – Valerie Brooks

April 3 – Maggie Freitag reads a poem called “Today”, by Billy Collins about the perfect spring day.

Poem3 – Maggie Freitag

April 4 – Elizabeth Nelson reads an original poem by Keith Smith, titled “Resignato and the Wolf”.

Poem4 – Elizabeth Nelson

April 5 – Marna Cessnun’ s grandfather, Ruben Beedle, wrote this poem for his wife on their 40th wedding anniversary. It’s called “My Many Loves”.

Poem5 – Marna Cessnun

April 6 – Keith Smith reads “A Brief for the Defense”, by Jack Gilbert. The poem reminds us to seek delight in the world.

Poem6 – Keith Smith

April 7 – Chloe Spielman shares Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem, “The Chambered Nautilus”, reminding us of the ocean around our island home.

Poem7 – Chloe Spielman

April 8 – Bridget Stearns shares the Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem about the unique light found in San Francisco, tiled “Changing Light”.

Poem8 – Bridget Stearns

April 9 – Laura Jackson reads “A Dog’s Last Will and Testament”, author unknown, reminding us of the love of a dog and how we can share our love with them.

Poem9 – Laura Jackson

April 10 – Tim Boyle shares a Richard Brautigan poem, titled “The Silver Stairs of Ketchikan”. Brautigan paints a perfect picture of a dark night in town when the lights come on.

Poem10 – Tim Boyle

April 11 – Sisel Gelman reads Edgar Allan Poe’s classic “Annabelle Lee”.

Poem11 – Sisel Gelman

April 12 – Lori Ortiz wrote this poem as a tribute to her friend, Margie. It’s called “Navigational Aid” and chronicles their long friendship.

Poem12 – Lori Ortiz

April 13 – Sheila Miller’s sister passed away a year ago. This is Sheila’s chronicle of dealing with her grief at her sister’s passing. It’s called “Grief.”

Poem13 – Sheila Miller

April 14 – Barbara Morgan shares “Summer Rain”, a poem of sun and rain, by Fanny Isobel Sherrik.       

Poem 14 – Barbara Morgan

April 15 – A.J. Slagle’s original poem simply called “Wolf’s Poem,” shares the love of a father for his son.

Poem 15 – A.J. Slagle

April 16 – Victoria McDonald reads “No One Knows Me Like the Piano”, originally a song lyric by Sampha Sisay.

Poem 16 – Victoria McDonald

April 17 – Janalee Gage’s original poem “Perseverance” speaks to strength and resilience.

Poem 17 – Janalee Gage

April 18 – Thomas Michael Kroscavage reads “A Boy and His Dog” by Edgar Albert Guest.

Poem 18 – Thomas Michael Kroscavage

April 19 – Rebecca Bowlen shares Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem, “Kindness” and we know it.

Poem 19 – Rebecca Bowlen

April 20 – Kelsey McNeil reads the poem that chronicles the moods of the “The Sea” by Barry Cornwall.

Poem 20 – Kelsey McNeil

April 21 – Colin Patton and Clare Bennett read a shared poem from the play “Spoon River Anthology.”

April 21 – Colin Patton and Clare Bennett

April 22 – Hunter Davis reads the touching poem, “Slumber Song”, by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Poem 22 – Hunter Davis

April 23 – Payton McCoy shares a poem she wrote, “Northern Lights.”

Poem 23 – Payton McCoy

April 24 – Staff of the Ketchikan Arts Council read a series of haiku by Katy Posey. Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines.

Poem 24 – KAAHC

April 25 – Ernie Meloche reads his original poem “Who” and exhorts us to love.

Poem 25 – Ernie Meloche

April 26 – Kyleigh McCoy shares a poem she wrote called “Sea Snails.”

Poem 26 – Kyleigh McCoy

April 27 – Deborah Hayden reads “The Man With the Blue Guitar”, by Wallace Stevens.

Poem 27 – Deborah Hayden

April 28 – Diane Slagle reads a poem she wrote, “Stoppin’ by Ketchikan on a Rainy Evening,” with a nod to Robert Frost.

Poem 28 – Diane Slagle

April 29 – Charles Kroscavage reads “The Pirate Don Durk of Dowdee” by Mildred Plew Meigs.

Poem 29 – Charles Kroscavage

April 30 – A compilation piece containing segments from all poems that aired this month.

Poem 30