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Date:_________________    Address:_______________________________________

Home Phone:________________________  Work Phone:_____________________

Cell Phone:  ________________  E-mail address:_____________________________

What Days/Hours Can You Volunteer:______________________________________

Can you volunteer on short notice?_________________

What Are Your Work Hours:_________________________________________

What Areas Are You Interested In:

Music____ Public Affairs _____News _______ Radio Theatre _______

Live Music or Performing Arts ____________

Other Areas of Interest__________________________________________________


Which Areas of Music Interest You:

Rock ______ Classical ________ Folk ______ Country _______  Blues ____

Jazz  _______ New Age ______ Electronic ____  Others___________________

Why Do You  Want To Be a KRBD Volunteer?  ________


Do You Have Any Prior Broadcasting Experience? _____________

Are you willing to volunteer for KRBD fundraising events? __________

Please List Any Other Special Skills You Have, such as typing, computers, carpentry, building repairs, painting, fundraising, etc.


Thank You For Your Interest In KRBD!