A 19-year-old male was arrested Wednesday for allegedly brandishing a gun and chasing a group of teenagers after an arranged fight at Ketchikan High School’s Dudley Field. At least five additional teens, ranging in age from 14 to 17, were involved.  

According to a complaint filed in Ketchikan District Court by Ketchikan Police Officer Derek McGarrigan, on Tuesday evening Cristian Fernandez-Alexie met with two teens, age 14 and 15, so that he could fight with the 15-year-old. No serious injuries were reported.

Before the fight started, Fernandez-Alexie allegedly brandished a .380 Ruger handgun and then handed the gun to a 17-year-old while he fought.

According to statements made to the police, the 17-year-old allegedly pulled out the gun to stop the fight, and the 14-year-old picked up a rock to defend the 15-year-old. After the fight ended, Fernandez-Alexie allegedly retrieved the gun, several teenagers ran, and Fernandez-Alexie chased them.

A Ruger was located Thursday morning at the residence of another teen present at the fight.

Fernandez-Alexie allegedly admitted to police that he brandished a gun and chased the teens. He was arraigned in Ketchikan District Court Thursday and charged with fourth-degree misconduct involving a weapon and 3rd degree assault.

District Court Judge Kevin Miller set bail at $10,000. Fernandez-Alexie’s next hearing is September 13th.