On Prince of Wales Island, Craig City Mayor Tim O’Connor appeared to be victorious Tuesday after receiving more than 100 more votes than city councilwoman Jan Trojan. Meanwhile, newcomer Chanel McKinley looks poised to take one of two seats up for grabs.

But it’s not clear whether incumbent Michael Douville or challenger Michael Kampnich will take the other seat as the two men are separated by just a single vote.

The two seats on Craig’s school board were uncontested with Scott Brookshire and Chrissy Lucero re-elected.

But a ballot measure asking voters to approve hiking the city sales tax from 5 to 6 percent to fund the public pool trailed 127 to 104. 

These tallies are unofficial with absentee ballots to be counted on Thursday.

Meanwhile, most races in Thorne Bay remained too close to call Tuesday night.

Rosalyn Hert led Abby Cook by a single vote for a seat on city council, and Roger Longbotham and Raymond Slayton were separated by just three votes.

Eric Rhodes and Risa Carlson were separated by five votes in the Prince of Wales Island city race.

A ballot measure to raise Thorne Bay’s city sales tax from 6 to 7 percent to fund an emergency services coordinator job trailed 62 to 49. Meanwhile, a proposal to make the city council’s mayor a directly elected position was ahead by 91 to 20.

Some 83 absentee ballots and four questioned ballots will be opened at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

In Hydaburg, incumbents Tony Bitonti and Sam Mooney were re-elected to the city council. On the school board, newcomer Thea Cross picked up a seat. Incumbents Jennifer Mooney, Margaret Peele and Sandra Peele also were elected for two-year terms. 

City officials say turnout in Hydaburg was slightly below average.