Three policy changes over how Ketchikan’s school district spends its money are set to be discussed at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

The board will consider whether to open weekly or monthly food purchases to competitive bidding. The board will also consider adding language to prevent conflicts of interest in purchasing.

The third change is small: it tweaks language requiring the school district to use “best practices for public funds” in student activities. That’s not much different from the existing policy calling on it to use “sound business procedures.”

The board is also slated to consider whether to make teachers available as chaperones for school-organized trips to Europe next year. The trips are paid for by students, and the district doesn’t spend any money on them.

The school board will also decide how many of its members to send to next month’s Association of Alaska School Boards’ conference in Anchorage.

The school board will also swear in its three new and returning members: Leslie Becker, Jordan Tabb and Bridget Mattson at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the White Cliff Building. The public has two chances to comment: once at the beginning of the meeting and again at the end.