Ketchikan’s city council is still weighing whether to purchase and tear down a former restaurant property to create more waterfront parking. The fate of the former Bar Harbor restaurant will be discussed at the Thursday meeting.

The city council first discussed buying the downtown property in June, which it could use to expand parking for the city-owned marina.

But there are concerns the building could contain asbestos and lead. The city’s public works director says it would cost about $12,000 and take about two months to conduct a survey and have the property appraised.

The property is in private hands who have listed it for $395,000 — more than twice the property’s assessed value. It’ll be up to the city council to give direction whether to move forward on a possible deal.

The city council will also consider spending about $17,000 to study options for replacing a water main on Schoenbar Road.Thursday’s meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. in Ketchikan’s city council chambers.