Ketchikan city officials will continue efforts to purchase the former Bar Harbor restaurant after the city council approved funding for an appraisal and hazardous material testing last week. Together, those two items are estimated to cost $12,000, and the city expects results in about two months. 

If it purchases the property, the city would likely turn it into parking for the city-owned Bar Harbor marina. It would nearly double the amount of parking spaces on the waterfront.

In other business, the city council approved a $17,000 study as part of a process to replace the city’s main raw water line. The study will determine how large a temporary replacement line will need to be to serve residents during the two years it will take to replace the main line.

The council also approved $245,000 in funding to repair a diesel generator and a generator at the Beaver Falls hydroelectric plant. Assistant City Manager Lacey Simpson also told the council the city’s raw water failed another fecal coliform test. You can read more about that here.