Three people were arrested on Prince of Wales Island after postal inspectors and state troopers found nearly one-and-a-half ounces of methamphetamine in a package bound for a logging camp near Keete Inlet. That’s according to a state trooper dispatch dated Thursday.

According to troopers, the package was addressed to 32-year-old Tamara Hagara of Washington state. Troopers served a search warrant at the logging camp on Dec. 6. There, authorities say they found small amounts of meth and evidence that the drugs were being distributed. 

They arrested Hagara and Ramona Collins, a Klawock resident, on felony drug distribution charges. Troopers also arrested Kolton Tipton of Klawock for meth possession and violating probation.

Troopers took Hagara, Collins and Tipton to the Craig Jail. Hagara posted bail and is free awaiting trial, according to court records.