The Ketchikan Public Library was still covered in snow Monday afternoon. (Eric Stone/KRBD)

Ketchikan saw its first big winter snowfall over the weekend. The National Weather Service says 13.5 inches of snow has fallen since Friday.

Federal meteorologist Daniel Hartsock says the snow will likely ease up early in the week as another storm hits the northern half of the panhandle.

“But then, a stronger system has the possibility to bring some heavier snow, talking Friday into Saturday,” Hartsock said.

As crews in Ketchikan struggled to clear roads outside of town during Friday’s heavy snowfall, state crews were down one of two plow trucks.

“But we have a spare plow that was able to fill in for it,” said Department of Transportation regional spokesman Sam Dapcevich.

“There was no effect on service from the plow that was out of service,” he said.

Meteorologists say this past weekend’s snowfall was fairly normal for Ketchikan this time of year