The underwater rock pinnacle near Ketchikan’s Berth II was a hazard to navigation, according to port officials. (Photo by Leila Kheiry)

Underwater blasting near Ketchikan’s downtown cruise ship docks finished up Monday.

Crews set off 15 total blasts starting Dec. 17 as they worked to remove an underwater rock pinnacle. That navigational hazard 27 feet below the surface made it difficult for cruise ships to maneuver in and out of the city-owned berths.

Ketchikan Port and Harbors Director Steve Corporon says contractors are now dredging the pulverized rock from the bottom with a clamshell bucket. They hope to have all the rubble off the seafloor by the end of the week.

After that, officials say they’ll survey the seafloor to make sure the blasts achieved the target depth: 42 feet below the average low tide.