Effective 5:00 p.m. Monday, March 23, all City of Craig facilities are closed to the public. Brian Templin is the city’s emergency planning section chief. He says there are no confirmed or suspect cases in Craig but….

“I fully expect that we will, but at the moment we have not seen any cases. So we’re leaning forward getting ready just in case we do see some.”

He says the city previously closed its gym and aquatic center, but is adding additional closures to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19.

“Really just trying to protect our staff and the local residents by doing a little be more to reduce the person to person contact.”

Administrators and many staff will continue to work normal business hours and can be reached by telephone or internet. He says there are a few exceptions to the closures, including the jail.

“So if they’re walk-in emergencies or they’re pre-trial or probation check-ins at the Craig Police Department and the Craig jail, of course those are open.”

He says the dispatch center will remain open, other than emergencies, police business should be conducted over the phone. He says the public restrooms at the harbormaster office will remain open.

“Primarily for the use of folks who have vessels in the harbor. So those will be open and cleaned and sanitized regularly.”

City council meetings will be broadcast via the internet with links of the City of Craig website and Facebook page. Public comments can be submitted to the city clerk prior to the meeting at cityclerk@craigak.com and will be read in as part of the public record.

Updates and links to CDC and State of Alaska information are available on the City of Craig website – craigak.com.