These questions and answers were compiled by a KRBD volunteer. If there are errors, please let us know via email:


What 1954 film noir crime film was set, largely, in Ketchikan? Cry Vengeance

What are Alaska’s blue canoes? State ferries

 What Ketchikan artist created the most recent version of the Salmon on Ketchikan Creek? Terry Pyles

What volunteer fireman was responsible for the fiery destruction of much of Ketchikan in the 50s and early 60s and was eventually arrested, disguised as a woman, at the airport in Seattle? Billy Mitchell

Who launched his 1960 run for the White House with a speech at the Palmer Fair? John F. Kennedy


What Ketchikan artist, with an affinity for Corvud Corax, has illustrated at least 6 children’s books? Evon Zerbetz

What momentous event occurred on May 22, 1976? KRBD’s 1st broadcast

What bay is the world’s largest producer of red salmon? Bristol Bay

What former 4-time mayor of Ketchikan faced off against Kyle Johansen to discuss politics on the KRBD show, Politics Now? Bob Weinstein

Senator Charles Sumner suggested the name, Alaska, for Russian America. What state did he represent?

a.   State of Massachusetts

b.   State of Texas

c.   State of Confusion

 a. State of Massachussets


Who was the first volunteer voice on KRBD? Tom Miller

How was the first barrel of oil sent from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez?

a.    Train

b.    Tanker Truck

c.    Dog Sled

c.   Dog Sled

What shook Amchitka Island on November 6, 1971? A nuclear bomb test

What animal makes an aggressive attack by backing up? Porcupine

What sport was played at low tide on the site where the Federal Building now stands? Baseball


What Easter term is used in the nickname for vapor barrier boots? Bunny boots

Name the first song played after KRBD went on the air. And tell us the band. The Fool by Quicksilver Messenger Service

What are the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway named after? Glaciers

Tom Miller’s volunteer show on KRBD was called…

a.  Fish Music

b.  Tom’s Turntable                                                                                                                   

c.  Odds and Ends

d.  It’s My Party

c. Odds and Ends

What is a wintertime (or virus era) term for a restless frame of mind? Cabin fever

What city has a Tlingit name meaning by the sea? Sitka


What Master Weaver holds a NEA Lifetime Fellowship Award, as well as a Rasmuson Lifetime Fellowship Award, and has her baskets on exhibit in the Smithsonian? Delores Churchill

What famous lawman and gambler was once deputy marshal in Wrangell? Wyatt Earp

Who was the first Manager/Engineer at KRBD? Bob Kern

 What is Alaska’s longest mountain range?

a.   The Brooks Range

b.   The Alaska Range

c.   Home, Home on the Range

b. Alaska Range

When did KRBD move to Copper Ridge? 2010


What coffee roaster, with its uniquely Alaskan packaging, often featuring the art of Ray Troll, began in Ketchikan in 1992? Raven’s Brew

Where was KRBD first housed? 10th floor of the Marine View

Which Ketchikan resident was a 1995 NEA National Fellow, and holds an honorary Doctorate in Humanities from UAS? Nathan Jackson

What animal was the Alaska Zoo’s first resident?

  1.   A puffin
  2.   A walrus
  3.   A polar bear
  4.   An elephant

d.   An elephant

What local artist and musician attended Woodstock, was friends with Ken Kesey, and created the Rock sculpture in Ketchikan and the Seward statue in Juneau? Dave Rubin

 What year did the state capitol move from Sitka to Juneau? 1900


What was the prison name of convicted Juneau killer, Robert F. Stroud? The Birdman of Alcatraz

What is the nation’s largest national forest? Tongass

Who launched his overseas military shows in Alaska? Bob Hope

What is the diameter of the TransAlaska pipeline? 48 inches or 4 feet

What is the astrological sign of most moose? Gemini


Who was the first woman to win the Iditarod? Libby Riddles

What fish has the name of a Charles Dickens character? Dolly Varden

What ended with a shot from the Shenandoah in the Bering Sea? Civil War

What Alaskan city is largest in area? Juneau

Which president established the Tongass National Forest in 1907? Theodore Roosevelt


What fall gathering draws international attention to the Chilkat Valley? Eagles

What is Alaska’s state fossil?   Wooly Mammoth

How many earthquakes are recorded on average day in Alaska? Round to nearest 10 . One hundred

What must the Iditarod winner bring to the awards ceremony?

  1. A pouch of tobacco
  2.  Smoked salmon
  3. His or her lead dog
  4. A vial of serum

c. His or her lead dog

What notable Ketchikan family shares its name with the collective name for Denali’s two peaks? The Churchills


How many dog sleds left Nenana in 1925 to take diphtheria serum to Nome? Twenty

What is the second most valuable non-energy commodity in Alaska? Sand and gravel

What is the official state dog? Malamute

What two languages were the originals of the Alaska purchase treaty written in? English and French

What is the only cat native to Alaska? Lynx