Prince of Wales Island Trivia – 3 rounds

These collections of trivia questions and answers were put together by KRBD volunteers. If you believe the answers are not correct, please email

How many communities are on POW? Eleven

Name all 11 communities. Craig, Klawock, Hydaburg, Hollis, Kasaan, Thorne Bay, Coffman Cove, Naukati, Whale Pass, Port Protection, Point Baker

By population, what are the 3 largest communities? Craig, Klawock, Thorne Bay

What are the school mascots for Craig, Klawock, Hydaburg and Thorne Bay? Panthers (Craig) Chieftains (Klawock) Warriors (Hydaburg) Wolverines (Thorne Bay)
Extra Credit: What are the mascots for Coffman Cove and Naukati? Timber Wolves (Coffman) Wild Cats (Naukati)

What is the NEWEST city on Prince of Wales? Whale Pass
Extra Credit – when did they incorporate? January 2017

ROUND TWO (Geology & Geomorphology)
What is the name of the only Show Cave in Alaska located on Prince of Wales Island? El Capitan

What is the geological formation that allows caves to form?
a. Shist
b. Karst*
c. Drumlin
d. Glacial Morrain

What is the name of the fault line that runs along the west coast of Prince of Wales Island that cause the 7.2 earthquake in 2013? Queen Charlotte Fault

What is the tallest mountain on Prince of Wales called? Neversummer Peak
Extra Credit: How tall is it? 3996 feet or 1218 meters

What rank does Prince of Wales have among Islands in the United States?
Second largest
Third largest
Fourth largest?
Third largest – but I would accept 4th largest if they were counting Puerto Rico

What POW community is the site of the oldest cannery in Alaska? Klawock

Who is the City of Craig named after? Craig was named after Craig Miller (also spelled Millar), who established a fish saltery on nearby Fish Egg Island in 1907.

Which POW community was considered as a capital for the State of Alaska?
Thorne Bay

Which of the following explorers gave Prince Of Wales its name?
Captain James Cook (explored Alaska in 1779)
Aleksei Chirikov (explored Alaska in 1741)
Juan Perez (explored Alaska in 1774)
George Vancouver (explored Alaska in 1793)*
EXTRA EXTRA CREDIT – What year did Lewis and Clark reach the Pacific Ocean? November 1805

Who is Thorne Bay named after? Frank Manly Thorn – , who served as superintendent of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey from 1885 to 1889. The name of the bay was misspelled when published in the original record, and the spelling was never corrected to match the spelling of Thorn’s last name.

Metlakatla Trivia

August 7th is a big day in Metlakatla.  What does the Metlakatla community celebrate on Aug 7th?
A.  The Salmon Berry Festival
B.  Sasquatch Hide and Seek Day
C.  Founder’s Day*
D.  Fry Bread Cook Off

The Tsimshian People who settled in Metlakatla traveled from where, originally?  Metlakatla, BC. Sometimes referred to as Old Metlakatla.  

The large rock hill just above Metlakatla that gives you a gorgeous 360 degree view of Annette Island when you stand atop it is called?
A) Purple Hill
2) Deer Hill
III) Tiny Mountain
D) Yellow Hill*

What year was Metlakatla originally settled?

A) 1887*
B) 1907
C) 1927
D) 2017

During WWII what major construction project took place just outside of Metlakatla to support the war efforts? Airplane Runway ✈️

In 1923 who is the only US President to visit Metlakatla?  Harding

Who’s grandma makes the best fry bread in Metlakatla?   All Metlakatla grandmas make amazing fry bread.