Our board member Grant EchoHawk is all business and slightly terrifying.  Grant and his ferocious companion, Nueq, roam the countyside in search of the nefarious, the odious, and the ever-elusive North American Six-Clawed Moss Troll. 

Have you ever had a run in with a North American Six-Clawed Moss Troll?  If the answer is “no,” then be sure to thank these two intrepid adventurers!  Ever vigilant and ready to spring into action with just the slightest whiff of mossy troll stench, both Grant and Nueq rely heavily on weather updates throughout Southeast Alaska for tracking, hunting, and snaring purposes. 

Whether it be in the isolated wilderness of Prince of Wales Island after stopping by Craig for a bite to eat, or trudging mountainous terrain of Revillagigedo or Annette Island, these two keep an ear to the ground and the dial set to KRBD for critical updates.

Your support to KRBD not only gets you music, sports, and emergency broadcasts, but it also helps our local North American Six-Clawed Moss Troll hunters stay up to date and plan their tracking strategy.  Won’t you help Grant and Nueq keep us all safe?  We can’t let the North American Six-Clawed Moss Trolls win!

Contact Grant by email: gmceh1@gmail.com

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