There is a great big raven in a big Sitka Spruce, way out south past Mountain Point boat launch. He sways on his branch and he croaks and he warbles and sometime he sounds just like dropping a silver dollar coin into a very still and deep pool of water. His wife finds her way back to him this way, despite the wind and the sleet of April, ice dragging at her wings. They have a cozy nest there, a crazy tumble pile of sticks cradling four new eggs under his feathers. Their meeting is frenetic, wings flapping and voices rasping as they settle in together against the weather.

They are woven into the island, winging their way through the sky, pecking through the trash cans and salmonberry bushes, startling cats and making grandmothers laugh. They see no difference around them, though maybe they are less bothered by humans stomping through the woods around their tree home. They always walk a delicate balance with chaos, but scream with joy when they see the ones they love.

And here we are, all balancing together, hand in abstract hand. There are voices that we look to for the joy and the clarity, through outlets like our public radio stations that provide valuable information and invaluable beauty to transport us momentarily away from our earthly hardships. Purchasing tickets for this drawing supports those voices, that outlet, that web of hope that interconnects us all during this time of conflict.

So we can all fly together and we can all scream with joy.

Kim Simpson (Shkeik)

Tlingit Raven, T’Dukteintaan, Mount Fairweather House, Hoonah (Xuna)

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